base-metal – a platform for research dialogue exchange performance

Julie founded base-metal in 2014 as a Sydney based, artist-led initiative. It is committed to supporting the praxis of performance art as a dynamic responsive and mutable medium.

From 2015 base-metal aims to activate physical and virtual spaces for critical discussion, exchange and research while facilitating presentation platforms to broaden the perceptions of performance art, its permutations and its place within the contemporary environment.

As a Sydney connection point, it operates as an exchange hub for local artists and as a nodal point for national & international artists.


  • hosts Converge – a regular meet up
  • co-ordinates Intercessions – a regular performance practice and site activation meet up
  • disseminates local, national and international information related to performance practic

base-metal does not reside in its own venue. It inhabits and activates sites and venues when needed.

base-metal aims to

  • create a connection point for artists, researchers and presenters
  • curate and present performance art events
  • connect with interstate affiliated organisations to extend opportunities for presenting platforms for performance art.
  • provide an online hub
  • promote discussion and critical debate about contemporary performance practice
  • expose a lineage

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