In reality the only thing on earth that can actually find a bug is a pair of well trained human eyes… www.ozspy.com.au

A solo performance work, incorporating live and pre-recorded footage, light sensitive “bugs” and SMS.

The etymology of the word bug reveals that it has associations with hobgoblin and ghost and can therefore be defined as an (imaginary) object of terror, resulting in a threat. B(b)UG developed from an intention to investigate our unwitting complicite in sanctioned methods of surveillance and the effect (subversive or otherwise) of our telecommunications era on the changing human psyche.

Is the constant desire to map our location through telecommunications, a method to thwart our fear of being alone?

Underlying the work is the desire to juxtapose innocent notions with their sinister counterparts. Highlighting a need to address the rise of paranoia and phobic behaviour as a psychological response to making sense of a seemingly threatening world.

Headspace Laboratory Performance Space, 2003