A WishingDARK project

A visual and sensorial passage into the rich world of darkness. The liminal space between light and dark and the literal shift between cone and rod cells are explored over the fifty minute journey. Disrupting perceptions of architectural space, occupation, distance and proximity DARKlight_I: utterings is an invitation to be with the dark. It is a provocation to move through projected notions of ir/rational unease to uncover a place where imagination gives way to a language of new accord. Ultimately the shadow world offers a dark return to the essential spirit of creative invention and provokes a position for quiet resistance.

“ One needs special times and places, exclusive meetings; the words alone are not enough, and we need a whole series of signs with many meanings, which is to say a rite. Myth is nourished by silence as well as by words”

Italo Calvino Cybernetics and Ghosts 1967

Performer, devisor, object maker and installation: Julie Vulcan

Sound Designer and Composer: Ashley Scott


“…the performance involves beautiful lights, forests of shadows, figures moving through the dark, secret messages in light and demonic apparitions becoming gentle and beautiful glows that warm the soul. This performance captures the audience totally. The moment the show starts, everyone was immediately quiet and focused on the experience to the point that when the performance ended, it took us all a little while to break the spell and to make some noise to clap, get up and leave, stumbling out in silence to the illuminated world.“

Roy Chambers

Weekend Notes 02/10/2017


DARKlight_I:utterings from MzVulcan on Vimeo.


“Sultry alien tones with a staccato of morse code, interspersed with sounds from nature and the city created a unique palate for the imagination and a perfect accompaniment to the visual performance.“

“Unfortunately, true darkness is an experience few of us ever now truly experience whilst living in urban civilisations. This unique performance of DARKlight_I:utterings is the opportunity to facilitate a confronting exploration of the irrational human psyche when exposed to the dark, creating an emotional dichotomy between the fear of an unseen threat enveloped in the true comforting beauty of darkness.”

Gemma Regan

4ZZZ fm Arts Review 09/10/2017


2017 4 – 7 October Metro Arts Brisbane Qld Australia

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This project has been supported through Metro Arts creative work-in-residence program, the Bundanon Trust Artist-in-Residence Program and the Rex Cramphorn Studio’s Artists-in-Residence Program, in the Theatre & Performance Studies department at the University of Sydney.