Part survival. Part wonder. Part lament.


Humans and nocturnal creatures have relied upon the night sky, the contours of the land, and shimmering waterways to navigate a quiet journey in the dark. Over time these markers have been eroded by clearing, settlement, urban planning, and light pollution. DARKpassage is an installation that considers the invisible layers of place vibrating across time. The abstract forms are inspired by patches of smooth-bark on the trunks of gums glinting in the moonlight. The audio invites us to step back from the urban and the journey reminds us this was once a rich woodland, co-inhabited and cared for.



Installation and objects Julie Vulcan

Audio Ashley Scott


DARKpassage was commissioned by Blacktown Arts Centre for the curated show Terra Infirma: Sovereignty and Memory.

5  September – 7 November 2020, Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre, Sydney.