Everyday @ Somedays

3 Sydney Artists excavating the extraordinary in the ordinary
Lena Obergfell, Ashley Scott and Julie Vulcan
Somedays Gallery, Sydney, 1 – 28 April 2009
Swivel – Series #1
‘Swivel’ is about the act of looking in a social context. Eyes scan across the crowd, the body turns to view or hide. A glance and pause – eyes lock.

All portraits in the series are taken with a compact digital camera during a social event and continue my interest in capturing moments with everyday accessible media.


Swivel #1 2009

30 Whispers – a selection
an exercise in ritual and random collisions
The photographic series is a selection from a self tasked project of the same name in 2007.

It explores everyday practice that engages in acts with unknown outcomes, acts that leave trails and acts that plant metaphorical seeds.