In Loco In Place

In Loco In Place is an experimental writing platform utilising social media as a creative space to convey and respond to live art. In Loco In Place imagines unique perspectives to reveal live art and aims to create a new work within itself. Stepping away from formalised structures that review or critique performance, In Loco In Place situates the witness/author at the centre of the experience providing an immediate transmission ‘in place’ for audiences both remote and attendant. In an attempt to extend the experience of the artists and audience alike, the responses augment a work poetically and emotively. This alternative perspective adds to the archive of photo documentation and critical analysis providing a fuller overview of a performance. Stepping away from traditional documentation forms and academic language it provides another entry point into performance works unfolding.

Venice International Performance Art Week 10 – 17 December 2016

Responses transmitted by Twitter.

Twitter @inloco_inplace

Text Copyright Julie Vulcan


Jamie_1 you placed it carefully over me I could smell its white softness and patiently anticipated your caress

Jamie_2 with precision you perforated me, shotgun metal teeth, measured and deliberate, delicious and delicate. I sighed.

Jamie_3 it is for us, it is for them. I do not shy away from your focus, your attention. I match your intention and yield

Jamie_4 You raise me to the winds. You fly my skin extended. It tugs me, stretches me, beckons me to inhabit its soft folds

Jamie_5 For a moment we are strong together; for a moment I see the world in you; for a moment we are nothing more than this

Jamie_6 gently you fold me back toward you, holding me close, removing my new skin. You ask for blood, I give it freely

Jamie_7 together we watch as you release this new bloodskin into the world. It’s message uncoded and bringing us all back home



Martin_1 You looked around up and down a furtive sideways glance a checking in. I watched you from the other side – look this way

Martin_2 You stood layering on your new skin, adding on your emperors clothes layering on your snug suit binding you keeping you

Martin_3 one lung for another lung, a tube skirt membrane, a faux fish, a lung fish. Your cold feet make you cough. Lie down fish

Martin_4 cold fish slab gulping for the pleasure of it, gasping for the effect of it, a twinkle in your eye an ambiguous sigh

Martin_5 your mouth membrane extends in and out – a puff fish gill. Panting, hyper panting, ecstatic panting – I want to breathe

Martin _ 6 they searched for you on the radar but you were guarded closely hidden in a secret faraday cage of asphyxiated desire

Martin_7 I watched your skin push against your other skin, your ribcage press, your belly rise and your feet fishtail bound

Martin_8 a tingle as they slit your fish belly skin… I turned back to see your shiny black skin hands carving a butterfly cod

Martin_9 your butterfly lungs gleam and glisten. Arched back right angles, you smile, you grin. Your red chest pulsates, alive!

Martin_10 you look out. The shark slips quietly behind. There is chaos, panting and panic but all is calm here as you carve skin

Martin_11 where there is gold a trap is set, the dirty trick is played. Here in another place your lungs gleam a mucous gold

Martin_12 the teeth, the shark, the water attack, your slap! Blood pools, blood foams and your red lungs release their own

Martin_13 mouth gaping slow breath; jaws propel grasp the next victim; skin stain on your back mimics blood stain on your pants

Martin_14 splash, gurgle, gargle and spray the green of red of red of green. The underwater bite, feasting on the gore of others

Martin_15 pissing in the wind, mucous love line, a flutter of rainbow bubbles sweetly spreading over and out, reaching toward us

Martin_16 As I fall inlove with you, the last bubble hangs in the air and somewhere else someone socks a punch. I shudder

Martin_17 cruising the water highway you come up for air. Volcanic eruptions and then it is this – flopping on slippery marble

Martin_18 some things you left behind: 2 black latex gloves, glad wrap, stainless steel bowl, a cassette player with cassette…

Martin_19 …needles, pre swabs, nebuliser, lubricant, glass butt plug, half eaten bag of biscuits, blades, chain bit, two sharks



Nicola_1 There is a room tucked away in a old grand building. He is there. He may have been there forever, know one can tell me

Nicola_2 The table is set with a white tablecloth, a jar of amber honey, a spoon. He is silent and intent. He wears a white shirt

Nicola_3 He holds a palmful of wool. There is a beauty in his rigid hands as he gently kneads and diligently separates each strand

Nicola_4 Each finely stretched length feels like a divergent life yearning to be heard. Inevitably he returns it to the fold

Nicola_5 Clumping confessions and weaving stories

Nicola_6 He anoints his bare head with tacky bee glue. A honey glistened skull ready to receive the sticky threads of history

Nicola_7 Planting and repositioning like a thin wig, he claims the many contained dramas and anecdotes coded over time

Nicola_8 Reaching back he folds, extends and styles this textured honey hair. A hybrid head snaring a future fictional biography

Nicola_9 Inheritance disguised as mythical memoir, I am caught up in this web of release. Crystal blue eyes pin me for a moment


In Loco_In Place at Venice International Performance Art Week 2016 was supported by an Australia Council for the Arts Individual Development Grant