Mz Very

Mz_Very has many alter-egos appearing as Mz_Very_illin, Mz_Very_Normal, Mz Very_Thr(illin) and Mz_Very Xmas to date.

Mz Very_Thr(illin) has performed her sickly sweet meditation on lost love, chocolate cake and a sharp knife at the infamous Club Kooky, in Unreasonable Adult’s The End of Romance 2005, at the Performance Space Cabaret for the Great Escape 2006 and as a support act for local musician Liz Martin at the Metro Sydney 2006.

Mz_Very_Xmas embraces the world of Christmas Cheer with a sequence of skillful tambourine routines in honour of her chocolate Santa. Unfortunately someone has messed with her soundtrack, things disintegrate, Santa cops it and champagne is triumphantly tossed back. Mz_Very_Xmas has appeared at the Hopetoun Hotel as a support act for musician Liz Martin 2006, HQ Studios in Adelaide for Unreasonable Adults wrap up event 2009 and the Rocks Village Bizarre Sydney 2012.