MZZINN’S Fafadadababar

A one on one bar experience where each guest is invited to celebrate the spirit of DaDa and, almost 100 years later, stand once again against the horrors of World War and the impudence of the 1%. Each guest is asked to take a risk, follow their intuition and with the guidance of MZZINN replace ill-logic with non-sense, and un-reason with the irrational, arriving at their own personal Mockingtail Manifesto.
As MZZINN mixes the physical elements of the Mockingtail, she takes this opportunity to regale the important and historical work of the women artists of Dada, while revealing a theory behind the most iconic work of Modern Art in the 20th Century.
Finally there is a toast to each Mockingtail Manifesto and the women of the DaDa movement.