Taking the Mickey Bliss

What does it mean to be in Australia right now?

A two-night durational performance staged in a glass cube. Surrounding borders, breaching borders and the credentials of the authority, were examined via self-conscious parody. The current political mileage built around conservative ideologies, are vexed problems for artists and free thinkers at large. This performance created a space to realise certain anxieties and tensions. With hair slicked back and dressed in a suit jacket, Aussie tie, frilly white petticoat and sparkle shoes, various images and devices were used to create physical and/or psychological borders. Over two nights liquids were generously poured, a large Aussie flotation ring was repeatedly blown up and deflated and a shark toy assumed a rifle position along the forearm amidst other things.

Performer and devisor: Julie Vulcan


Taking the Mickey Bliss photoJohnDouglas



2014 FREEFALL Oxford Art Factory, Sydney Australia