The EDD Diaries

A 2007 creative writing project.  The EDD Diaries take as their starting point, internet spam, specifically spam that has arrived in the personal inbox offering solutions for Erectile Dysfunction Disorder (EDD). In response to the many creative ways in which spam is shrouded to sneak past filtering systems,  this material has been used to create new fact/fictions to return to the cyberworld. This writing project continued research into experimental ways in which the everyday can be woven, transcended and/or returned, utilising readily available tools that have become mandatory in our culture.

It is important to know that alot of spam in in the mid to late 2000’s used  a conglomeration of nonsensical text mashed up from various sources in an effort to mimic email content and therefore slip past filters. Emails arrived from the likes of Benita Duffy, Lance Trujillo, Desiree G McNeal and Kennith Hatfield. All these along with Subject headers and the ads themselves were fodder for the EDD diaries. Early entries delineated the appropriated text from the creative fiction by quotations or spaces. Later these were lost during attempts to blur the two.

You can view the EDD Diaries HERE