A one year collaborative research project between Richard Hancock (UK) and Julie Vulcan April 2007 – April 2008.
In April 2007, Richard and Julie were part of a group of International artists gathered to perform in Pacitti Company’s Grande Finale. Threepointthreeseven arose from a response to a provocation within a task driven devising workshop for the Finale framework.
On April 16th 2007, Richard Hancock played a favourite piece of music for the last time. Its duration was 3.37 minutes.
This was an act of finality, an exercise in self-obliteration, and an active inquiry into a space for something new to grow.
This act was witnessed by Julie Vulcan.
For the following 12 months, Julie would replay the music on the 16th day of every month. Each time the date rolled around, Hancock and Vulcan dedicated 3.37 minutes of time to the memory of this moment, honouring the here and now and the potential for new space.

You can view the journey of this project HERE