Part one of the Power of Constraint trilogy (Trawl – Harbour – Wend)

A durational performance in which anonymous responses to the question

“What do you regret you never said?”

were received via SMS.

In Perth, the work took place over 4 hours on top of a 3 storey stack of shipping containers from which a long fishing net dropped toward the ground. Each response was transcribed onto a silver piece of paper and carefully placed inside a small plastic recycled sushi fish. The fish was attached to the net accompanied by a small LED light. Over the duration of the work the net slowly filled up with its catch of tiny fish (responses) and luminescent beacons.

Trawl was first presented as part of Nighttime at the Performance Space Sydney 2007 followed by an invitation to This is the time…this is the record of the time – Performance and Symposium festival curated by PVI Collective in partnership with Artrage and PICA, Perth November 2008