What is Performance Art?


What is Performance Art? Australian Perspectives.

Edited by Adam Geczy and Mimi Kelly

Sydney: Power Publications 2018

“They represent last thoughts, last words, last whisperings, last things seen, last things heard, last things smelt, last actions. They are my own fictional and poetic interpretation and start to read like a merciless litany of last things, swinging from the wretched to the tragically beautiful: ‘only you will have to live with this’, ‘it’s orange and sparkling’, ‘everything is suddenly silent’, ‘rubble & dust’, ‘What the Fuck?’, ‘shit that’s my blood’, ‘you dare?’, ‘A green blade of grass, an ant, my mother’s hand’, ‘violet flares’.”

Julie Vulcan. 2017. “I Stand In: Intimate Transactions for the Forgotten, Misplaced, Unrecovered and Removed.”